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Enterprise Data Engineer

Seattle, WA
General Purpose and Scope of Position:

The Enterprise Data Engineer is responsible for schema design, data modeling and implementing data warehouse best practices.  This individual will strategically design and execute the company's data strategy. This role is responsible for defining and documenting the technical architecture of the data warehouse, including the physical components and their functionality.  This role will manage a scalable end-to-end data architecture involving variety of sources and destinations by leveraging existing and commercially available technology stacks.  This individual relies on experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals.

Key Skills and Abilities Include:

10+ years’ experience in software/data engineering in a data warehouse environment (MS SQL Server preferred)
A thorough understanding of relational database internals, Star Schema concepts, data warehouse data model and source data
Working knowledge of ETL and query tools
Advanced SQL skills 
Metadata management
Python or other automation tools/languages preferred 
Bachelor’s degree or equivalent 
A diverse data engineering toolbox, with experience using modern tools, languages, and approaches

Key Personal Attributes Include:

Proven analytical, conceptual and problem-solving abilities with keen attention to detail. 
Highly motivated, organized and a team player in an agile setting.
Excellent communication skills.

Specific Responsibilities and Key Deliverables Include:

Oversees the development of logical and physical data models, ETL scripts, metadata definitions and models, queries and reports, schedules, work processes and maintenance procedures.
Creates a robust, sustainable architecture that supports requirements and provides for expansion within budgetary constraints
Develops strategies for warehouse implementation, data acquisition, and archive recovery.
Implement data engineering best practices to ensure high quality and rapid delivery.
Evaluates and recommends various data warehousing tools and components
Evaluates new data sources for adherence to the organization's quality standards and ease of integration.
Ensures overall health and performance of all databases, in particular, those serving the data warehouse.
Conducts regular performance testing and tuning
Implements and maintains operational and disaster recovery procedures


Remote, with infrequent, meeting-based visits to our south Seattle office.
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